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TicketSwap is a safe, convenient and fair place to buy and sell secondhand e-tickets for concerts, festival, sports events, theatre and days out. Fraud is prevented by strict checks and collaborations with organizations and partners.

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Why TicketSwap?



TicketSwap is safe. Buyers receive their tickets immediately after paying online. Sellers get their money the next working day. TicketSwap verifies the sellers and tickets based on several criteria. In addition, you can see who you buy from because Facebook login is mandatory. Through partnerships with organisations, TicketSwap provides Secure Swap tickets which are 100% valid.



Selling tickets is done within a few clicks. After creating a listing, no more action is required. A buyer can easily pay online and will receive the tickets immediately.



TicketSwap fights against unfair prices. Therefore, sellers can only ask up to 120% of the face value. As a buyer, you know you'll always be paying a fair price for tickets.

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This is what others say about TicketSwap

João March 24, 2017 13:05

Amazing, sold my first ticket in 15 minutes, top notch!

Simon March 21, 2017 15:28

Very useful application to exchange tickets.

Marcus March 19, 2017 08:43

Excellent service. Merci bien.

Jill March 16, 2017 17:04

Jamiroquai tickets sorted, quick, efficient, me, I'm very happy

Roxanne March 16, 2017 15:21

Reassuring to buy tickets through here. Thanks!

Jamila March 13, 2017 18:02

It was very helpful and the person was able to help very much

Vasiliki March 11, 2017 14:29

Thank U for all the times I needed U <3

Cathy March 9, 2017 15:54

great site... easy to use.
only thing to note is that it is USD not CAD

Becky March 7, 2017 09:19

Great experience, sold within 12 hours!

Buying Tickets

Pay online and immediately receive your tickets. Sellers must upload their ticket to TicketSwap before it’s available for sale. Once the payment is completed, we'll send the ticket right away.

TicketSwap is committed to making it as safe as possible to buy tickets. Our strict checks help prevent fraud. See here what criteria we use to verify sellers and their tickets.

Every seller must login with Facebook. This way you can see how many friends someone has and who you're buying from. If someone has successfully sold tickets before, it's shown in their info.

TicketSwap fights against unfair prices. Therefore, sellers can only ask up to 120% of the face value. As a buyer, you know you'll always be paying a fair price for tickets.

Selling tickets

As a seller you are guaranteed your money. Buyers pay online, and we send the tickets only after we have received the money. We will transfer the money to you the next working day. That's how simple TicketSwap makes selling tickets!

  1. Upload your PDF/pkpass file and indicate the tickets that you want to sell.

    Upload your PDF/pkpass file and indicate which tickets you want to sell and which are for your own use. TicketSwap will split the file automatically. As soon as your listing is created, we'll send you the tickets that are for own use in a separate e-mail. This way there won’t be any confusion.

  2. Determine your selling price and enter your account number

    You can set the selling price of your ticket. TicketSwap fights against unfair prices. Therefore, you can only ask up to 120% of the face value. Then just simply enter your bank details so we know where to transfer the money.

    1 ticket € 20 IBAN
  3. Promote your listing on Facebook and Twitter

    Of course you want to sell your ticket as quickly as possible, which is why TicketSwap has made it very easy to promote your listing. You decide what will be shared. It’s also possible to sell the ticket to a buyer you’ve already found.

  4. Receive your money when your ticket is sold

    When your ticket is for sale, there is no more action required. As soon as your ticket is sold we will send you an email and a SMS. The money will be transferred the next working day.

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Secure Swap

If the listing has a Secure Swap logo, the old ticket is invalidated and the buyer will receive a new ticket. This is possible because we have partnerships with organisers, venues and ticketing providers.

More about Secure Swap


Listing your ticket on TicketSwap is free. Only once a ticket is sold are there costs associated with the use of TicketSwap. We charge buyers and sellers a 5% service fee. For some payment methods a transactional fee is also charged.

  1. Selling price is €20
  2. Seller receives €19
  3. Buyer pays €21
  4. TicketSwap will receive €2

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Behind the scenes

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