The safest way to buy and sell e-tickets

TicketSwap is a safe, convenient and fair place to buy and sell secondhand e-tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatre and days out. Fraud is prevented by strict checks and collaborations with organisations and partners.

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Why TicketSwap?



TicketSwap is safe. The tickets and sellers on our platform are verified based on several criteria. Through partnerships with organizations and ticket providers, we offer Secure Swap tickets which are 100% valid. Read more about Secure Swap here.



Listing a ticket can be done in a few clicks. Simply upload your ticket and provide the required information. After this, you can sit back and relax - you will be notified when your ticket has been sold and we will transfer the money to your bank account the next possible business day. Buying a ticket is really easy as well. You can pay directly through our app and the ticket will be available in your TicketSwap account and sent to your e-mail inbox immediately.



As a TicketSwap user you know you’ll always be paying a fair price for your tickets. We protect buyers from overpricing by keeping to a maximum 20% above the original price. As a buyer, you know you'll always be paying a fair price for tickets.

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Buying Tickets

Find the ticket you’re looking for, pay online and you’ll receive the ticket immediately. Tickets you see for sale have already been uploaded by the seller, so sent to you immediately upon paying.

Fraud is prevented by user-checks and through partnerships and collaborations with event organizers. For more information about our user-checks, please click here to verify sellers and their tickets.

You can see the name and the photo of the person you’re buying a ticket from. You can also see if they’ve connected their social media accounts and if they’ve sold tickets with us before. Showing these details gives you confidence in who you are buying from.

We protect buyers from overpricing by keeping to a maximum 20% above the original price. As a buyer, you know you'll always be paying a fair price for tickets.

Selling tickets

Once you’ve put your listing online, you can sit back and relax. We’ll send you a notification once your ticket has been sold and transfer the money to you the next working day. That’s how easy it is to use TicketSwap!

  1. Upload your PDF/pk.pass file and select the tickets you want to sell

    When selling a ticket that is bundled with multiple tickets, we ask that you upload the original file. Our system will split the file automatically and ask you to indicate which tickets are for sale, and which you want to keep. Once the listing is completed, we will send the tickets that you want to keep back to you to avoid any confusion.

  2. Determine your selling price and enter your bank account number

    We protect buyers from overpricing by keeping to a maximum 20% above the original price. Then, simply enter your bank details so we know where to transfer the money.

    1 ticket € 20 IBAN
  3. Promote your listing on Facebook and Twitter

    You want to sell your ticket as fast as possible - we get that! That’s why we’ve made it very easy to promote your listing. You decide what will be shared. It’s also possible to sell the ticket to someone privately.

  4. Get notified & paid when your ticket is sold

    When your ticket is for sale, there is no more action required. As soon as your ticket is sold we will send you an email and a SMS. The money will be transferred the next working day.

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Secure Swap

If the listing has a Secure Swap logo, the old ticket is invalidated and the buyer will receive a new ticket. This is possible because we have partnerships with organisers, venues and ticketing providers.

More about Secure Swap


Listing your ticket on TicketSwap is free. There are only costs involved once a ticket is sold. Both the seller and buyer are charged with a 5% service fee. Depending on your payment method, you will be charged with an additional transaction fee.

  1. Selling price is €20
  2. Seller receives €19
  3. Buyer pays €21
  4. TicketSwap will receive €2

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