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Amazing service - I have already recommended it to all my friends. The only thing, that I had a great concern about was the reliability of the seller. There is nothing that prevents a seller to use the same ticket to enter the same event before new buyer enters this event. However, everything worked perfectly this time. I also find it tricky to buy a ticket as your need to be as fast as possible when you receive a notification about available ticket. I needed 2 tickets but was lucky to buy only one. Upon receipt of ticket availability email I've followed the link immediately. And only 1 time in my overall 10 or 15 attempts I managed to by 1 ticket. All my other attempts indicated "ticket is being paid at the moment". Additionally, I friend of mine, who also wanted to buy a ticket for this event was lucky enough to add a ticket to his cart. But, when he proceeded to payment section - his cart was empty. I also had problems with my iOS app. When followed the link from Gmail App on the iOS device - the "ticketswap" app was automatically opened and error appeared. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the error but service was unreachable. I hope, that my comment will make your service even better! Thank you and good luck!