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TicketSwap is an honest and transparent platform for selling and buying secondhand tickets. With more than 1,000,000 users, consumers are embracing TicketSwap. TicketSwap can add a lot of value to your organisation or venue as well. Let us explain how...

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Key benefits

Avoid troubles at the entrance

We make buying and selling secondhand tickets safe. Let’s set up Secure Swap for your events, so buyers are 100% sure to get a valid ticket.

Win the fight against ticket traders

We limit prices to 120% of the original price. Together we’ll win the fight against ticket touts. TicketSwap is an honest and transparent platform.

Collect data about your visitors

Before, buying and selling secondhand tickets was done in the shadows. TicketSwap makes it transparent. We’ll provide you with all relevant data about your visitors.

Let us help you promote your events

We have lots of traffic. This means we can help you to promote your events and target the right audience. It’s even possible to sell primary tickets on TicketSwap.

A beautiful dashboard

Within your dashboard, you’ll see statistics about ticket sales, average prices, visitor demographics and more.

You are in good company

TicketSwap is already working together with organizers and venues. Here is what they say about TicketSwap.

Because of our partnership with TicketSwap, we are sure the resale of our tickets is done carefully. Black market trading is impossible and we avoid disappointments at the entrance.

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