THE AGENDA: where to be this week, 7-13 November

High BPMs, low grooves, high-rise locations, and basements

  • Meike Jentjens, TicketSwap contributor
  • Fri, 3 Nov 2023

TicketSwap’s weekly event highlights series THE AGENDA has you covered on the spiciest events across Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Eindhoven, and beyond.

Le Guess Who?

Thu, 9 Nov 2023, 16:00 • Utrecht

Le Guess Who? 2023

Le Guess Who festival takes over Utrecht again with four days of experimental and genre-breaking music. DJ collectives like AMPFEMININE and pop icons like Stereolab curate their own programs in different venues throughout the city, with a club night programmed by re:ni as the cherry on top. She invites DJ Stingray 313, Lee Gamble, and SHERELLE to play alongside her during WAS. x Le Guess Who? 2023. What a stunner.

Korsakov Weekender Indoor Festival 2023

Korsakov pays homage to the absolute heavyweights of drum and bass this weekend. After their already legendary Boiler Room in London just weeks ago, there’s no denying Chase & Status is now back on top. Pendulum takes the stage too, besides NCT b2b T & Sugah, The Prototypes b2b Dub Elements, and many more. Buckle up, lads: this one’s for you.

Dub FX

From the streets to the biggest stages: Dub FX combines influences from all over the globe in his dubby, fast-paced live shows. His concert at Melkweg this Friday promises to be a fun one, as the Australian musician just released his new album ‘Infinite Reflection’. Rapping, jamming, and dancing: he does it all. 


Eindhoven may have few clubs, but the city has many cool, industrial locations where club nights occur. The Evoluon building is designed to look like a flying spaceship and leave it up to BLUEPRINT to take you on an otherworldly journey with their club night this Saturday. Different areas cover genres like house, disco, trance, and techno. This club night is the official opening event of the light festival Glow.

Wonderland Festival Indoor 2023 - The Dark Side

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole alongside 5.000 others, where everyone’s mad. The trippy visuals promised by Wonderland might make you mad if you weren’t already upon entering Hemkade 18 in Zaandam, close to Amsterdam. The music programming of this festival is very on-trend, with hard techno and hard techno only, inviting the likes of LESSSS and a dozen of techno boys like 6EJOU, DIØN, Stan Christ, and more.

UPTOWN | Rooftop Sessions

A panoramic view of the high-rise city of Rotterdam, could it be any cooler? Add the tunes of Milion, Jamback, and BeMarcus b2b Ilja Ottink, and you’ll have the perfect Saturday night. UPTOWN brings the grooviest house to this intimate event you’ll likely remember for a long, long time. 

Modular w/ Job Jobse b2b Young Marco, DJ Gigola, Hunee and many more

Modular may have curated the hottest lineup of this weekend, with all the electronic music idols in one place. Marie K, Lucky Done Gone & Moody Mehran, and DJ Gigola play the Hexagon stage where Job Jobse & Young Marco close together, next to Lola Haro, Faustin, Carista, and many others turning up the heat in the other two rooms. Get ready stage hopping at Maassilo, because every act is worth the watch.

BASIS/ APHØTIC / Amara/ Cancel/ SLVL

A club night where phones are left out of the dancefloor: we love to see it. Be in the moment with heavy hitters like APHØTIC, Amara, Cancel, and SLVL, who never shy away from cranking up the BPMs. Let’s hope the speakers don’t get destroyed Friday...

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