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Is selling a ticket with TicketSwap safe?

Yes and here's why.

We check every buyer and seller 🔍
TicketSwap prides itself on delivering a safe swap. Sellers are required to enter personal details, like a valid phone number and a verified email address. Your ticket is only sent to the buyer after they’ve paid for it and you will receive your money within 3 business days.  

We check every ticket 🕵️‍
We check uploaded e-tickets in multiple ways (location, price, correct date etc.). We aim to check this as soon as an e-ticket is uploaded to our platform. Additionally, all barcodes of uploaded tickets are checked to prevent duplicate tickets being created.

Secure Swap
This system allows us to issue new and unique tickets to buyers. As a seller, you can then be sure the buyer will gain entrance to the event. We arrange this through partnerships with event organizers and ticket companies. We are working hard to make this possible for all our events.
More info about Secure Swap here

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